ON COMMUTING Every weekday I travel from Toronto's district of Parkdale to North Albion to attend Humber College. The commute is roughly an hour and a half, sometimes faster on good days. During the trip I often put my ear phones on to drown out the sounds of fellow commuters so that I may enter a contemplative mind set. I might read during the trip, check my smart phone for news feeds, or stare out the windows and dream. This past year I rediscovered photography and decided to get serious about it. I took photos in the past for magazines and books and even got paid for it, but my photos were rarely any good. I am still not very good, but am starting to understand my limitations better. Photography brought another side benefit. Often, the public transit I take is late and unreliable and this causes much stress. I took Toronto transit since my infancy and observe the service has actually become worse. Photography, however, brought the opportunity to stop fretting over tardy transit, look around and perhaps capture a decisive moment.